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We are a post-secondary institution specialized in the field of beauty where we train our students with professional lines in Cosmetology, Barbering and Style, Esthetics and Makeup, and much more.

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Academic programs

Barbering and Style

The Barbering and Style course prepares graduates to take and pass the Board of Examiners exam and to obtain employment as a Barber or in other related areas.



The Cosmetology program prepares the student as a highly qualified professional in the field of beauty, sales, and customer service through techniques developed in the course.


Advanced Cosmetology

The Advanced Cosmetology course is designed for those students who have passed the cosmetology or barbering program and want to improve and refine their skills and MOREledge to be at the forefront of beauty.


Esthetics and Makeup

The Esthetics and Makeup Program includes the principles of nutrition, infection control, facials, body massages, body treatments that include hair removal, rejuvenation treatments, and stain treatments with the new technology of laser machines.


Makeup Artist Specialist

This program prepares individuals to professionally apply cosmetic make-up preparations and complete specialized makeovers. These include hairstyling, wig work, masking, temporary prosthetic applications, cosmetic applications, and related clothing for leisure or professional stage, camera, clinical, or security purposes.


Tattoo Artist

A program that prepares individuals to prepare and apply permanent markings, color, and cosmetic products to the face and body for Aesthetic or clinical purposes; to remove unwanted marks, and to be licensed to practice permanent makeup and tattoo artists.